Cinnamon Stick And Powder

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Pure cinnamon powder (packed in zinc coated bags

Cinnamon also has very special effects, such as reducing blood sugar level, reducing cholesterol, burning fat, facilitating digestion, blood circulation, treating stomach pain.

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Foot soak cinnamon powder (packed in plastic jars)

Cinnamon is one of four precious herbs (Ginseng, Deer Antler, Cinnamon and Aconitum Root) and good for health. Cinnamon has been an effective medicine, especially approved by traditional medicine for its effects of burning fat, reducing blood sugar level, improving blood circulation and facilitating digestion.

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Premium cinnamon powder - Best Que

Cinnamon has been an effective remedy, which is certified by medical science, especially traditional medicine, to have the effect of reducing fat, reducing blood sugar level, circulation and good for digestion. Cinnamon also helps to soften and brighten skin.

85,000 đ