Herbal pad for J SURE Pain Relief Belt

390,000 đ
Mã sản phẩm: JSURE

With the viewpoint "Building a brand by ensuring the quality of products and prestige of the business culture", Huong Que has successfully produced J-sure Belt.

Cinnamon is one of 4 precious medicinal herbs which are very good for health. This product is made with the design consultancy from Japan based on a scientific study in traditional medicine, after more than 10 years specializing in research and production of herbal raw materials and by a team of skilled, responsible and dedicated workers.

Size: M, L, XL

With the viewpoint "Building a brand must first build the quality of products, prestige the corporate culture", Huong Que has successfully produced the J-sure Belt.


- 100% four-dimension elastic cotton spandex imported from Japan.
- Soft EVA brace shaped to support back vertebrae.
- Flexible, elastic spandex fabric.
- 30-year-old cinnamon powder, old ginger powder and other herbs, etc.


- Quick to relieve back pain, spinal pain and back vertebra diseases.
- Support for the treatment of back lumbar disease due to spondylosis and back disc herniation
- Increasing blood circulation in the back.
- Prevent flu, winter cold.

Recommendations & usage:

- The belt has sizes: : XXL ( 110-130 cm); XL (90-115 cm); L (80-95 cm).
- Do not wear when sleeping.
- Pregnant women should not use.
- Use the belt for 3-month before replacing the herbal pad of the Belt.

Target customers:

- Everyone has back pain and spinal diseases (especially the elderly)
- Drivers or people who have to sit a lot.


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