On February 20, 2019, Director of Huong Que Company - Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son was honored to participate in the "Vietnamese High-quality Products awards 2019" ceremony held in Ho Chi Minh city. Huong Que products were voted by consumers and honored to win the title of High Quality Vietnamese Product.

Accordingly, businesses that achieve High Quality Vietnamese Products 2019 certificates are operating in various fields and industries such as confectionery, food, sauce, spices, milk and dairy products, beverages; fresh agricultural products; stationery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals; products of textiles, embroidery, leather and leatherette; plastic, electrical and household machinery, household appliances; construction materials, fertilizers, etc.

According to Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Chu Ngoc Anh, this 23-year journey of the High Quality Vietnamese Products Program, marks the 10 years of the campaign “Vietnamese people give priority to use of Vietnamese productsand this campaign was also received positive responses from Vietnamese business community and consumers.

Businesses won the title of High Quality Vietnamese Products have already built the Culture Standard - Quality - Brand in their production and business activities. Typically, the successful implementation of management systems, improvement of manufacturing tools, supply chain systems, product distribution and brand development, etc. should also be mentioned.

The title of High Quality Vietnamese Products not only recognizes the efforts of enterprises, but also encourages the improvement of the quality of products, services, competitiveness and operational efficiency and the integration with the regional and global economies. In particular, it shows the continuous improvements of the High Quality Vietnamese Products Program and the Campaign Vietnamese People give priority to use Vietnamese products in the past few years